There are two options for members (organizations) looking to join the Social Innovation Center: a Private Office Member or a Co-Working Space Member. The employees (users) receive full access to common areas, resources, and amenities that include:

  • Full business day access
  • Conference room
  • Printer/scanner use
  • Lounge area
  • Utilities
  • Mail service
  • Kitchen & bar space
  • 701 Café (swipe & carry)
  • Cleaning service            
  • WIFI/High speed internet
  • Filtered water & coffee
  • Huddle rooms

Organizations joining under the Private Office plan get the benefit of a dedicated office that comfortably holds two users. For organizations with a private office and more than two users, those additional users are welcome in all parts of the open space and may come and go as they please. Availability of private offices is limited. As a Private Office member, users value a level of privacy supplemented by the openness of common resources and the ability to network.

Co-working Space members have access to all of the common areas. These members will be enjoying a true co-working experience and setting up their workspace for the day in the common areas. As this type of user, you may find yourself immersed in creative writing at one of the bench works stations, lounging on a sofa parsing data or beta testing your website, or at the kitchen bar with an eye on the CNN news feed. As a Co-Worker Member, users value the diversity of your days, are very budget-minded, and embrace the creativity a casual environment brings.


Private Office Member

Member Fee: $750/month
User Fee: $100/month
10 Conference Room Hours per Month: FREE (add’l hours $25/hour)

Co-Worker Member

Member Fee: $100/month
User Fee: $100/month
Conference Room Hours per Month: $25/month