Next Steps

So, you’re interested in learning more? Below is a quick walk-through of the next steps and what you can expect from the application process. The process will vary in length depending on several factors, but as a general rule, please allow 2-3 weeks from the date you submit your application to the date you may be able to use the space. Please note that part of the review process includes determining your organization’s fit with the Social Innovation Center’s objectives. We reserve the right to accept or decline any application for any reason.

STEP 1: Apply

You complete and submit the online application

STEP 2: Review

We review your application and possibly contact you for additional information

STEP 3: Determination & Notification

Alignment determination and potential invitation to join

STEP 4: Member Agreement Execution

Upon invitation, we email you the lease agreement to review, complete, sign, and return

STEP 5: On-Boarding

You complete and return additional forms (i.e. employee list, etc) and we set up your credit/debit card for monthly auto-pay

STEP 6: Welcome

We welcome you with a walk-through of the space, provide security cards, and offer a brief training program